Binding spells for love are one of the oldest types of magic that humans are familiar with and this type of spell could be found all over the world and was highly embraced in Greece and Rome during classical periods of time. Additional versions of the binding spell appeared throughout history including Europe’s Celts and ancient Egyptians. During these times, spirits or deities were summoned by the spell caster to make the spell achieve its best effects.

Back in the 4th century, there was a popular method in Egypt where the Egyptians had a habit of creating little figurines in which pins were inserted in the figurines to bring out love and fidelity. The attention of spirits and deities had to be gained in order to have the best results.

For those of you who still wish for this type of spell here is a good example;This spell combines all the above with a ‘binding spell’ which will hold you and your lover together once you are connected. Sometimes a love spell will work, but the beloved may loose the initial passion of the spell. This very special spell is to prevent this happening and to bind you one to another in true love and happiness